The Natural Girl’s Guide to Protecting Your Skin From the Sun This Summer

On August 03,16
Protect skin sun UV rays

I’m a self confessed sun goddess. Give me one ray of sunshine and I’m out in the heat in a flash. As much as I love a good sunbathe, I’m extremely cautious when it comes to sun exposure, especially after I learnt about the damage that UV rays can do to my skin, including premature ageing and cancer. Read on to learn more about my summer skin care routine and how I enjoy bronzing without causing harm to my skin the natural way.  Continue Reading

Primrose Hill goes vegan – Manna restaurant review

On June 26,16

Primrose Hill is notoriously known as being home to bohemian celebrities, posh boutiques and yummy mummies, but it’s where you can dine out at London’s finest vegan restaurant, Manna. Read on for a review that’ll have you licking your lips and booking a table.  Continue Reading

There’s a new vegan boss in town: Campbell’s Canal Café

On June 07,16

I was gutted to hear the InSpiral Cafe had closed its doors just as a serious Vegan revolution was on the rise in Camden Town. As we said goodbye to one good thing, another one magically appeared in its place, in the form of Campbell’s Canal Cafe. Read on for a review of Camden’s youngest Vegan café. Continue Reading

A Venice Moment – reflections on a recent trip to Venice

On June 01,16

I can’t even count on one hand the number of time’s I’ve visited Venice. As much as I love the city of bridges, my little floating world has fallen victim to considerable vandalism and abandonment in the form of graffiti and ancient buildings that are in such vulnerable states, I wouldn’t even risk leaning on them. As the throngs of tourists continue to visit Piazza San Marco and ride the gondolas, you can still catch glimmers of beauty in the historical city.  Continue Reading

Sukin’s new Oil Balancing range review

On May 29,16

I’ve been curious about Sukin since I moved back to London (they’re not available in Paris) and am particularly taken by how affordable their products are. A trip to Planet Organic had me questioning their cosmetics counter staff about the ingredients contained in their skincare range, as they’re not certified organic, which got me sampling and researched their Oil Balancing range. Here’s what I found out!  Continue Reading

Insta-inspiration: my current favourites to follow on Instagram

On May 28,16

As most of you can probably tell from the sheer number of photographs I post to my blog and Instagram, I’m a very visual person. As well as regularly posting images to my Instagram account, I love searching for and following inspirational accounts that give me the opportunity to learn more about natural beauty and eating visually. Here are a few of my personal favourites for you to check out. Just spreading the love!  Continue Reading

Paris gets Vegan at Le Bichat

On May 12,16

I’ve been meaning to write about Le Bichat for months now, but the problem is every time I go there I wolf down my food so fast that I barely have time to take a decent picture for a blog post. I literally forced myself to slow down and get the camera out this time to write this review for you.  Continue Reading