Into the Wild II: Westerpark, Amsterdam West

On August 30,15

It’s been a while since I’ve hit the keys, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been journeying! I’ve just moved to Paris. Yes, I’ll repeat. I’ve just moved to Paris. Between relocating, adjusting and enjoying I must admit that I have been missing Amsterdam and especially my favourite thing about my little wonky village, it’s city parks. As those of you who follow my Instagram may know, I spent a lot of time hanging out in the Westerpark, the big stretch of “happy place” opposite my apartment. Many good times were had and memories to be kept close with friends and family in that park. Here’s a little more about it and what it has to offer…  Continue Reading

Into the Wild: Erasmuspark, Amsterdam West

On June 16,15

The thing I love the most about Amsterdam is the way in which so much green, open space has been squeezed into what is essentially a medieval canal ring city  that expands southward. However, I am surprised to find that most choose to spend their time visiting the city centre, never giving themselves a chance to explore some of Amsterdam’s finer attributes, its parks. Continue Reading

Ijscuypje – Amsterdam does sorbet for the dairy-free

On May 17,15

I have a sweet tooth. I always have and always will so when I arrived in Amsterdam to find a complete lack of vegan alternatives treats I was more than disappointed. I didn’t realise just how lucky I was back in London, where alternative eating is no longer the alternative for most, but a regular way of life. Vegan cafés, restaurants and cake shops are popping up all over the centre of town, whereas stereotypically “forward thinking” Amsterdam is seriously lacking behind.

Now that the weather is warming up I dream of nothing more than chilling out by a canal with an ice-cream and though I am yet to find an ice-cream parlour that does vegan ice-cream, there is an ice-cream shop that does amazing sorbets. Ijscuypje started off as a small shop in De Pijp, but now has branches dotted across town, with one conveniently placed in the Westerpark just for me. Continue Reading

Koffie ende Koeck – Vegan Naughty Food in Amsterdam

On February 14,15

I found it! I finally found a vegan cafe that serves hearty food. It’s right around the corner from mine on the Haarlemmerstraat and it’s called Koffie ende Koeck (Coffee and Cake), two things I am seriously in need of! No more raw vegan ‘cake’ for me, I’ll be enjoying a slice of pie with a latte from now.  Continue Reading

Alchemist Garden Vegan Cafe Vondelpark

On February 04,15

So I’ve not been very optimistic when it comes to vegan and gluten free food in Amsterdam. They just don’t really get veganism for some reason. It’s true, the Dutch live on a staple diet of meat, cheese and bread, so veganism is probably a bit of an alien concept to them, which I discussed in my previous post on where to buy vegan products in Amsterdam. For some reason veganism is primarily associated with barefoot, dreadlocked hippies and raw food fanatics over here. There aren’t any “naughty” vegan cafes that serve sugary desserts and I admit I was quite lucky when I was back in London with the likes of cafes such as Cookies and Scream and InSpiral Lounge. I was able to eat like all the other folk around town, except without meat or dairy products.  Continue Reading

Mossel en Gin at Westergasfabriek

On January 31,15

I am reaping the benefits of living opposite the Westergasfabriek. Last week I had the pleasure of eating at foodie hotspot Mossel en Gin (that’s Mussels and Gin for those of you who haven’t quite mastered the Dutch language yet!) a quaint little restaurant in Westerpark.  Continue Reading

Rijksmuseum and the Oud Zuid

On January 21,15

Definitely my favourite part of town, the Oud Zuid has it all from daydream fortress-like old mansions, to fancy cafes and chic boutiques. It’s also the location of Amsterdam’s proudest art institution – The Rijksmuseum, which houses a host of Dutch heritage art and material culture. I love it for the architecture, which appears to be based on early Northern Italian Gothic, such as the likes of the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi (aka the love of my life).  Continue Reading

Zenza – Concept Store on Haarlemmerstraat

On January 19,15

Another day, another discovery. A walk up the Haarlemmerstraat, which leads into the city centre, left me mesmerised by the elegant home accessories on sale at Zenza. What a beautiful concept store and it’s affordable too! Continue Reading

My New Neighbourhood – a walk down Haarlemmerdijk

On January 18,15

So as much as I hoped to find an apartment in De Pijp, I finally settled for an abode in the Westerpark region of Amsterdam. I think I made the right choice, though it was actually half a choice as it’s impossible to find a place to rent in De Pijp. Here in the Westerpark district I am lucky to be across the road from a canal (oh those canals), a 2 minute walk from the Westerpark, with its Westergasfabriek, and the Jordaan. For me the biggest perk is having a local high street lined with fancy boutiques, bars and cafes, which means less time spent in the centre amongst throngs of tourists. The high street I speak of is the Haarlemmerdijk and here are a few of my favourite hotspots so far…  Continue Reading

Favorite new boutique – Six & Sons on Haarlemmerdijk

On January 11,15

Guys you know that time your dad bought you a pocket knife and told you not show it to your mum? He bought it here. Girls you know all those random things guys like to keep in their “man drawer”? They bought them here.


Six and Sons is and awesome concept store, but deep inside it’s a man’s shop. A man’s man, man’s shop. It’s one for the adventurer, the keen camper, the gentleman, the bearded man, the cool hipster guy (I wouldn’t go as far as calling them men) and the curious. Why then has this dark wood and musk boutique attracted me? Actually it was the general miss-mash of “man drawer” objects and I must admit I have my own “girl drawer” full of random stuff I’ll probably only ever use once.

Favorite items:

The camping mugs, cups and kettle. It goes a little something like this – Grrr! I’m a manly man who goes camping, makes open fires and cooks stuff out in the wild, but I’m also incredibly cute and like to accessorise…

The ceramics. These may look like imitation Chinese porcelain at first sight, but take a closer look…


The cologne and shaving creams, especially the Dr. Harris & Co. range. Boy do these smell good. I personally believe that taste in perfumes is a unisex affair so I’m nabbing myself one of these please.

There are some girly items too! Super dainty jewellery, which I nabbed, and some delicate and (I personally think) rather purposefully feminine interior furnishings. The ladies working behind the counter were darlings. They know their products well, and most importantly, they believe in what they sell.

All in all a pleasant experience and I’m happy to know that it’s so close to my apartment. I can’t wait to pay another visit. Oh and thank you Amber for helping me pick out the perfect ring!


You can find out more about Six and Sons on their website. Go pay them a visit at Haarlemmerdijk, 31.

Peace and shiny things! xoxo