Primrose Hill goes vegan – Manna restaurant review

On June 26,16

Primrose Hill is notoriously known as being home to bohemian celebrities, posh boutiques and yummy mummies, but it’s where you can dine out at London’s finest vegan restaurant, Manna. Read on for a review that’ll have you licking your lips and booking a table.  Continue Reading

There’s a new vegan boss in town: Campbell’s Canal Café

On June 07,16

I was gutted to hear the InSpiral Cafe had closed its doors just as a serious Vegan revolution was on the rise in Camden Town. As we said goodbye to one good thing, another one magically appeared in its place, in the form of Campbell’s Canal Cafe. Read on for a review of Camden’s youngest Vegan café. Continue Reading

Insta-inspiration: my current favourites to follow on Instagram

On May 28,16

As most of you can probably tell from the sheer number of photographs I post to my blog and Instagram, I’m a very visual person. As well as regularly posting images to my Instagram account, I love searching for and following inspirational accounts that give me the opportunity to learn more about natural beauty and eating visually. Here are a few of my personal favourites for you to check out. Just spreading the love!  Continue Reading

Paris gets Vegan at Le Bichat

On May 12,16

I’ve been meaning to write about Le Bichat for months now, but the problem is every time I go there I wolf down my food so fast that I barely have time to take a decent picture for a blog post. I literally forced myself to slow down and get the camera out this time to write this review for you.  Continue Reading

Good clean vegan yum – vegan burgers à la Pomodoro E Basilico

On December 30,15

I found a place where we can vegan burger all day and night if we wanted to. I didn’t really find it, my sister did and she’s been bugging me to try out their burgers for a long time, but I’ve been abroad and now I’m home, so I think it’s only right to let you all in on this little secret.

Pomodoro E Basilico are a bit of a mystery to me. I know they run a food stall in Camden Market, organise supper clubs and give introductory Italian cooking lessons to private customers in the comfort of their own kitchens, but to me they will always be… burgazzzz!

So, what makes these burgers a cut above the rest? Well, they’re tasty and they’re vegan. Joking, there’s more to these babies than that. Pomodoro E Basilico build their burgers from scratch, from their home baked buns to their seitan patties, it’s all 100% good, clean vegan yum.  Continue Reading

Hank Vegan Burgers – burger crave curers in the heart of Paris

On November 08,15

Found it!

I’ve been aching for vegan soul food since I left London. After trailing across various vegan cafés, restaurants and mass scale world food festivals while living in Amsterdam, I found very little to go on. Luckily for me fries were always on the menu. I just couldn’t quite understand why Veganism translated to raw food and hippy cafés, and I must say that I wasn’t expecting much else when I moved to the land of French fromage. Though notoriously known for being cheese obsessed carnivores, the Parisians are slowly jumping on the vegan bandwagon and being a nation of foodies, of course they’re going to do it well.

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Lounging at Le Café des Chats

On November 06,15

So, I sped past another milestone a few weeks ago. Yet another birthday in a foreign country without the comfort of having my best friends or family nearby and what better way to celebrate, thought my adorable colleague Hannah, than hanging out in a cat café? Paris, the loneliest city I know of, in which pretty much everyone owns a pet feline or two has gained itself the reputation of being the city of cat cafés. Made popular in Tokyo (another land of the lonesome-type place), cat cafés have become popular all over the world, with Paris boasting three in a single city. We went to Le Café des Chats in Le Marais for a cuppa tea and a cuddle.

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Natural Foodie Love at the Marché Biologique Raspail

On October 31,15

I must admit that I haven’t felt as rooted to the ground here in France as I had been in The Netherlands. The unkept wildness and simplicity of Amsterdam has made a lasting effect on my being, leaving me longing for crisp sea air and close ties to the water. I especially miss the freedom and independence of cycling, but most of all it would have to be my awareness of the horizon and vast flat landscapes that gave me a sense of security. No such feelings exist for me in my new capital, except for when I do my weekly vegetable stock up at the Marché Biologique Raspail.

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Ijscuypje – Amsterdam does sorbet for the dairy-free

On May 17,15

I have a sweet tooth. I always have and always will so when I arrived in Amsterdam to find a complete lack of vegan alternatives treats I was more than disappointed. I didn’t realise just how lucky I was back in London, where alternative eating is no longer the alternative for most, but a regular way of life. Vegan cafés, restaurants and cake shops are popping up all over the centre of town, whereas stereotypically “forward thinking” Amsterdam is seriously lacking behind.

Now that the weather is warming up I dream of nothing more than chilling out by a canal with an ice-cream and though I am yet to find an ice-cream parlour that does vegan ice-cream, there is an ice-cream shop that does amazing sorbets. Ijscuypje started off as a small shop in De Pijp, but now has branches dotted across town, with one conveniently placed in the Westerpark just for me. Continue Reading