Primrose Hill goes vegan – Manna restaurant review

On June 26,16

Primrose Hill is notoriously known as being home to bohemian celebrities, posh boutiques and yummy mummies, but it’s where you can dine out at London’s finest vegan restaurant, Manna. Read on for a review that’ll have you licking your lips and booking a table.  Continue Reading

There’s a new vegan boss in town: Campbell’s Canal Café

On June 07,16

I was gutted to hear the InSpiral Cafe had closed its doors just as a serious Vegan revolution was on the rise in Camden Town. As we said goodbye to one good thing, another one magically appeared in its place, in the form of Campbell’s Canal Cafe. Read on for a review of Camden’s youngest Vegan café. Continue Reading

Good clean vegan yum – vegan burgers à la Pomodoro E Basilico

On December 30,15

I found a place where we can vegan burger all day and night if we wanted to. I didn’t really find it, my sister did and she’s been bugging me to try out their burgers for a long time, but I’ve been abroad and now I’m home, so I think it’s only right to let you all in on this little secret.

Pomodoro E Basilico are a bit of a mystery to me. I know they run a food stall in Camden Market, organise supper clubs and give introductory Italian cooking lessons to private customers in the comfort of their own kitchens, but to me they will always be… burgazzzz!

So, what makes these burgers a cut above the rest? Well, they’re tasty and they’re vegan. Joking, there’s more to these babies than that. Pomodoro E Basilico build their burgers from scratch, from their home baked buns to their seitan patties, it’s all 100% good, clean vegan yum.  Continue Reading

Beautiful Bloomsbury and a Wondering Fitzrovia

On January 03,15

Often underrated and overshadowed by Covent Garden and Oxford Street, Bloomsbury sits prettily in the middle of hectic Central London. For me, it’s been a home,  the place where I attended university, met friends, drank wine and ate good food. For many it symbolises culture and heritage, having once been the cultural hub of the Pre-Raphaelites and the infamous Bloomsbury Group artists. Bloomsbury hosts educational institutions UCL and SOAS, the British Museum and Great Ormond Street Hospital, and an array of Georgian squares and architecture.  Continue Reading

Edwardian end to the year at Kenwood House – Hampstead

On January 01,15

The weather has taken a turn for the worst with crazy gusts of wind and freezing temperatures, but the sun’s holding tight even in December, brightening my Christmas break in London. And what better way to spend a crisp, sunny Winter day than at Kenwood House in Hampstead?  Continue Reading

Victorian London- Highgate Cemetery

On December 27,14

You probably wouldn’t put hanging out in cemeteries on your “to do” list this Christmas, neither would I, but I must say that Highgate Cemetery is nothing like your usual creepy Goth hang out. In fact, there wasn’t a single Goth/Emo kid in sight on the day of my visit.

Highgate Cemetery magically entwines carefully planned Victorian architectural delight with the empowering splendour of overgrown nature. It is a place where history enthusiasts, families and those who come to pay respect to their ancestors gather in a peaceful little village-like setting, on a hill in the middle of London.  Continue Reading

Love Vegan – Love Brick Lane

On December 11,14

I’ve enjoyed settling into life in Amsterdam, but nothing beats the over-populated throngs of crowds that spark togetherness in London, and especially in Brick Lane.  Continue Reading

Last Days in London

On September 14,14

Excuse the silence whilst I make my move to Amsterdam… Yes, I am here, safe and sound, settling in and re-orientating myself. Before I dive deep into my new experiences, I would like to hark back to my last few days in my home town, London. Continue Reading