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I’ve been aching for vegan soul food since I left London. After trailing across various vegan cafés, restaurants and mass scale world food festivals while living in Amsterdam, I found very little to go on. Luckily for me fries were always on the menu. I just couldn’t quite understand why Veganism translated to raw food and hippy cafés, and I must say that I wasn’t expecting much else when I moved to the land of French fromage. Though notoriously known for being cheese obsessed carnivores, the Parisians are slowly jumping on the vegan bandwagon and being a nation of foodies, of course they’re going to do it well.

Cue Hank Vegan Burgers (Hank is short for Have a Nice Karma – cute). I’d been meaning to visit this Parisian burger joint for weeks and somehow waited until I was absolutely starving with nothing but “burger” on my mind to take the plunge. So, I dashed over to the 3éme with a (meat eater) friend and we squeezed our way into the rather tightly packed little resto, trying to figure out exactly what the deal was with ordering and eating.

Pretty straight forward food at Hank Vegan Burgers (I feel like calling them Hank’s, but no it’s just Hank). You order a burger from the burger list or opt for a set menu, either the petit or grand menu, to which you can add sides (fries, salad or coleslaw), a drink and a dessert (with the grand menu only).

I went for the grand menu to test the dessert and ordered me a La Catcheuse burger, fries and a chocolate mousse. The burger was good, typically French with a generous serving of mustard dressing on a soft vegetable patty with plenty of pickles, salad and vegan cheese. I was expecting Belgian fries as stated on the menu board, but got potato wedges instead, which I have to say, lowered my expectations somewhat… Still, I had my monster of a burger to get through.

The burger could have done with having less bread and a little more of everything else, especially more patty. The patty needed a bit more consistency too, as it was just too far on the soft side for me. It was incredibly tasty and the added vegan cheese was the icing on my burger-cake. Plus, brownie points for the vegan mayo, I do love me a bit of mayo when it’s going round, especially on my fries!

So far it really is the best vegan burger I’ve sampled as I’m usually left ordering a portobello mushroom in a bun while my friends enjoy their double decked, greasy cheese and bacon burgers. 

I mentioned my meat eater friend who joined me in my vegan endeavour. She enjoyed her burger, but I could see that it just wasn’t as much of a hype for her as it was for me, that is until she tried  what she called “the best chocolate mouse I’ve ever had”, which she devoured at an alarmingly fast rate and then dabbled with the idea of us sharing another one “for the road”. That truly was an awesome chocolate mouse. I think she was more alarmed by the fact that vegan food can in fact taste better in some instance and of course it can.
All done, thoroughly enjoyed and I’ll definitely be going back to sample their other burgers and desserts. Thanks Hank, you’re a trooper. Putting vegans on the map, one sustainable, cruelty free and health conscious meal at a time!

For more info on Hank Vegan Burgers, check out their website via this link. You can find them nestled away in the 3éme on Rue des Archives, no. 55, Mon-Fri – 12h to 22h. Did I mention that they deliver?


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