Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30 – a natural moisturiser that works

It’s almost impossible to find a decent non-sticky moisturiser with built in SPF that doesn’t grease up my face, let alone a natural one. Read on for a review of my favourite new moisturiser, Kimberly Sayer’s Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30, a natural lightweight moisturiser that does the trick at protecting my skin when I need it the most. 

Kimberly Sayer don’t get enough credit for the exceptional quality of their natural skin care products. Not only are they effective at treating a range of conditions, from acne prone to dry and sensitive skin,  they’re also organic, GMO and chemical-free. I came across their range while searching for a daily moisturiser that mattifies my naturally oily skin, while providing protection from UV rays without the usual greasy texture of face creams with built in SPF. After a few failed attempts with other natural skin care brands, I finally discovered Kimberly Sayer.

The Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser with SPF does exactly what it says on the bottle. Its incredibly light weight base smooths onto my skin with minimal effort and doesn’t leave a trace of oil on my hands. It absorbs within seconds and doesn’t clog up my pores either. I love its light citrus scent, which makes me feel as fresh as a daisy on even the hottest summer days. The citrus scent is due to the lemon oil it contains, which helps to detoxify my skin, as well as minimising oil production.

What about UV protection? I’ve been using this product for three weeks and had it on today, which was an especially hot day for Paris standards, at a height of 30 degrees. My skin was protected while remaining shine-free all day long. How exactly is natural moisturiser so effective at blocking the sun from burning my skin? The Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, both natural ingredients, protect my skin from sun damage without causing a hint of irritation.

So, no downside to this product? Yes, just one and it has nothing to do with the actual product, but with the packaging. The Ultra Light Moisturiser with SPF comes in a 120ml bottle, which is great as it’ll last me forever, but it isn’t convenient when it comes to travelling. Will Kimberly Sayer release a travel size version? I really hope so!

I’m well and truly impressed with the Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30 by Kimberly Sayer and will definitely be purchasing this product as my daily warm weather face cream. Go nab yourself a bottle at Love Lula!


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