Lounging at Le Café des Chats

So, I sped past another milestone a few weeks ago. Yet another birthday in a foreign country without the comfort of having my best friends or family nearby and what better way to celebrate, thought my adorable colleague Hannah, than hanging out in a cat café? Paris, the loneliest city I know of, in which pretty much everyone owns a pet feline or two has gained itself the reputation of being the city of cat cafés. Made popular in Tokyo (another land of the lonesome-type place), cat cafés have become popular all over the world, with Paris boasting three in a single city. We went to Le Café des Chats in Le Marais for a cuppa tea and a cuddle.

Well, it’s a very simple little cafe, with no thrills except of course, for the adorable fluffy felines that sit by the windowsill, observing passers by and the curious.

The drinks and snacks on the menu are nothing to shout about. There is a decent selection of herbal teas, mostly by Kusmi Tea Co. and the pastries are typically French. The furnishings aren’t there to gawp at either, a darkly lit overcrowded space, filled with kitsch mismatched second hand tables and chairs, tacky cat posters and an out of place state of the art audio system (great music selection by the way). It is the cats that make this place so incredibly special and almost livable, as they stroll about in search of cuddles from strangers, taking random naps in the empty seat beside you, leaving this place in a state of absolute chill. 

But they aren’t all lazy sods and they all have different characters. Some are more observant, while others enjoy a good play about on the sofa, or beneath your feet when you’re just about to take a gulp of your hot coffee. They also have their own stories. I learnt that some of the cats were once strays, either abandoned or lost, at times ill to near starving so I have beaucoup de respect for Le Café des Chats staff for taking them in and making sure they are happy.

Be aware that the Le Marais branch does require advanced booking via their website’s online booking system, which you can find here. I also suggest reading through their café rules before arriving, which pretty much state the obvious of no grabbing cats or photographing them with an intimidatingly large flash camera etc., obvs. 

If you’re in need of a catch up with friends, a warm cuppa coffee and a cuddle, or if you simply desire to engulf yourself in a complete state of kawaii, book yourself in at Le Café des Chats and hang out with some of cutest furry felines in the city of Paris. Enjoy!

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