The Natural Girl’s Guide to Protecting Your Skin From the Sun This Summer

I’m a self confessed sun goddess. Give me one ray of sunshine and I’m out in the heat in a flash. As much as I love a good sunbathe, I’m extremely cautious when it comes to sun exposure, especially after I learnt about the damage that UV rays can do to my skin, including premature ageing and cancer. Read on to learn more about my summer skin care routine and how I enjoy bronzing without causing harm to my skin the natural way. 

1. Use a sunscreen with an SPF – but no higher than 50+


Green People Sunscreen Factor 30

You should use sunscreen all year round, but especially during the summer months when you really should consider upping your SPF factor. Bear in mind that thepaler your skin, the higher your factor should be, however, avoid sunscreens with factor 50+ as these usually contain more chemicals in them and have been proven by scientists that the extra SPF factor makes little difference to amount of cover you get. Head into a health store and you’ll most likely find that they don’t sell factor 50+.


2. Invest in an SPF integrated moisturiser or BB cream


Erborian BB Crème Nude SPF

Feeling lazy? For days when you’re in a rush, or feel too hot and sticky to double up on sunscreen, moisturiser and/or makeup, purchase a moisturiser or BB cream with integrated SPF. I’m a fan of the Erborian BB cream range, which you can find online and at most department stores across London.


3. Mineralise your makeup

Inika Mineral Foundation

Did you know that mineral makeup contains oxides which naturally create a barrier between your skin and the sun? Yes, there is truth in my words! Applying a mineral foundation can help to protect your skin from UV damage, so the next time you’re thinking of purchasing a natural foundation, make yours a mineral one. I’m all over Inika and Mo Mineral Makeup mineral foundations at the moment. Mineral powder is ultra light and helps to reduce shine in oily skin.


4. Makeup setting sprays with added SPF

Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF

The makeup gods have come up with something truly exceptional, a makeup setting spray that also contains SPF. I’m currently in the process of testing Coola’s Makeup Setting Spray with an SPF of 30. Not only does it help my makeup to survive extreme heat, it also protects me from the sun when I’m out and about town.


5. Apply SPF on the regular

Michael Dorausch

This is one rule I’ll never forget. I always apply my SPF 20 minutes before heading out and reapply it on a regular basis. The lower the factor, the more often you should be re-applying your sunscreen, from every 15 to 30 minutes depending on the SPF.


6. Protect your shoulders

It’s not just your face that needs protecting, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your neck and shoulders too, especially if you have short hair.


7. Keep an eye on the time

I know it’s tempting to go out and sunbathe when the sun is at its hottest, but the hotter the weather, the higher chances you have of putting your skin at risk of sun damage. Try not to go out in the sunshine when the sun is at its highest (and strongest), which is usually between noon and 3pm.


8. Wear a hat

Hats are great. Not only do they make awesome accessories, they’re also just the thing for protecting your head, face, neck and shoulders from the sun. Yes, it’s also important to protect your scalp from sun damage, plus you’ll be doing your hair a major favour too, as sun damage can also dry out and damage your locks.


9. Feeling the burn? Cool things down with aloe vera

If you still somehow managed to get a bit burnt while out in the sun, applying some aloe vera gel to your sun burnt skin will help to cool things down the natural way.

Sukin Aloe Vera Gel

Do you have any other skin care tips you’d like to share? Drop a comment below!



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