Urban Veda Neem and Botanics Daily Purifying Facial Wash Review

Ladies and gents, it’s been a while since I last posted a face wash review and let me tell you, the wait has been worthwhile. With no further ado, Let me present to you Urban Veda’s Neem and Botanics Daily Purifying Facial Wash. 

I purchased this face wash on Love Lula about a month ago now. It was a choice between Urban Veda and REN’s face wash from the Clarimatte range, but I went for Urban Veda at the end because: a. I’ve heard many a good things about this brand, b. the face wash was on offer.

A bit about Urban Veda:

Urban Veda follows the Ayurvedic Indian philosophy of health and wellbeing through harnessing the holistic and therapeutic power of plants in their products. They’ve been around a few years, but don’t appear to have gained mainstream popularity yet, but I must say I’m intrigued by their products and consideration for healthy skin by eliminating any nasties in their skin care products.

And for the review:

As stated on the packaging, this purifying face wash contains the powerful natural ingredient, neem oil, which is designed to detoxify and balance out naturally oily skin.

Let me start by saying that I am really pleased with this product. I love the gel consistency and fresh minty scent, which leaves my skin feeling tingly and fresh post-wash. The ingredients speak for themselves: neem oil helps to balance the production of sebum and thus reduces shine, while witch hazel (my favourite natural ingredient of all time), beard berry and quassia act as astringents, cleansing the skin of bacteria and reducing the size of pores. The minty fresh feeling comes from the added wild mint, which is high in antioxidants and helps the skin to maintain its clear complexion.

I’ve been using this face wash twice a day for a month and I must say my skin is clearer and happier for it. I’ve seen a big difference in my skin’s ability to naturally balance sebum production, though I am yet to see any signs of minimised pores, the quest continues!

I recently purchased an electronic exfoliating brush, which I’m currently trial-testing with this face wash, so I’ll write up a post as soon as I see the effects taking place. At £11.99 on Love Lula, it’s a smidgen cheaper than my favourite REN Clarimatte and really does the job.

What about the natural factor? It doesn’t contain parabens, SLS, or GM ingredients. You know what else I noticed, there isn’t a mention of fragrance, or perfume in their ingredients list, which means they’re not covering up the natural scent of this product with any nasty chemicals. Phew! It’s produced locally in the UK, the packaging is recycled (it doesn’t come in a box either) AND Urban Veda are seriously against animal testing of any kind. Ten instant karma points for being caring to my skin and the environment.

I would highly recommend this face wash for those of you with oily skin, large pores and occasional breakouts. Go on, you know you want to…

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